Mar 5, 2018 Issues: Economy and Jobs

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) continued his efforts to protect American workers from cheating foreign companies and cosponsored H.R. 5116, the Stopping Foreign Businesses Sanctuary Act. This legislation, introduced by Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11), would amend the Foreign Sovereignty Immunity Act to allow U.S. businesses to sue foreign entities that conduct commercial activity in the United States for wrongdoings. Currently, foreign companies can call themselves state owned enterprises and claim sovereign immunity in the U.S. court system.  If successful, they can evade all liability for illegal actions.

“Foreign governments, such as communist China, have been cheating American workers and getting away with it for far too long,” said Congressman Jones. “It is time we update our law and remove this unfair advantage that is benefitting dishonest foreign companies, particularly those from China. If we give you the privilege of doing business in our country, you must be held accountable if you break our laws.”

Closing this loophole and fixing this problem was a top recommendation by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission in their November 2017 report to Congress.

Congressman Jones has consistently fought against the efforts of foreign governments, such as communist China, to undermine American businesses, markets, and industries.

For additional information, please contact Allison Tucker in Congressman Walter Jones’ office at or (202) 225-3415.