May 4, 2017 Issues: Budget Spending and Taxes

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted against H.R. 244, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2017, a massive $1.16 trillion spending bill for the federal government.  H.R. 244 passed the House 309 to 118.  The bill now moves to the Senate, where it is expected to pass later today.  It will then be sent to the president to be signed into law.  

“This 1,665-page bill is a major disappointment,” said Congressman Jones.  “It’s everything the American people hate about Washington.  It was drawn up behind closed doors, released at 2am on Monday morning, and then rammed through on Wednesday afternoon.  No one had sufficient time to read it before it was voted on.”  

“The process stinks, and the product may be even worse,” continued Congressman Jones.  “This bill puts America one step closer to bankruptcy.  On top of our $20 trillion in existing debt, it adds tens of billions of dollars in additional deficit spending, much of it on wasteful programs like foreign aid and Afghanistan.” 

“It’s simple: we cannot continue to spend money we do not have,” said Congressman Jones. “When the day comes that we default on our payments, there will be grave consequences for this great country. I do not want to leave that future for our children and grandchildren.”

You can view H.R. 244 HERE.

For additional information, please contact Allison Tucker in Congressman Walter Jones’ office at or (202) 225-3415.