Apr 5, 2017 Issues: Budget Spending and Taxes

WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) introduced H.R. 1855, legislation that would abolish post-speaker offices, a taxpayer-funded perk that is given to retired Speakers of the House for up to five years following their departure from office. Since its creation in 1971, this practice now includes payments for office allowances, franking privileges, and even paid staff.

“This perk is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” said Congressman Jones. “As our country nears $20 trillion in debt, why should the taxpayer be forced to pay for a person that no longer serves in Congress, especially when they have the ability to make millions in retirement from speaking fees, book deals, lobbying and other things?” 

The full bill is attached.

For additional information, please contact Allison Tucker in Congressman Walter Jones’ office at or (202) 225-3415.