Oct 31, 2012 Issues: Illegal Immigration


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week Congressman Walter Jones (NC-3) earned an “A+” rating from Numbers USA, a nationwide organization that encourages enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.   Congressman Jones was also named one of only 15 members of Congress to support all five of Numbers USA's Great Immigration Solutions.      

“Enforcing our immigration laws is essential to reducing our deficit, improving our economy and creating jobs for American citizens,” said Jones.  “We must stop rewarding people for breaking the laws of this land and entering our country illegally.”

Last year Congressman Jones was the first member of the House of Representatives to earn Numbers USA’s “5 for 5” status by cosponsoring five bills that, if passed, would “resolve most of our nation’s immigration problems.”  Throughout his time in Congress, Representative Jones has maintained an “A” grade on immigration enforcement issues according to Numbers USA.