Sep 14, 2006
At a ceremony today at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Building on Capitol Hill, Third District Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) received The Military Coalition’s highest honor, the 2006 Award of Merit, for his work in championing the causes of health care and many other benefits for military families. Along with Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX), Congressman Jones was honored by The Military Coalition (TMC) for introducing bipartisan legislation, the Military Retirees' Health Care Protection Act, to protect military beneficiaries against large, unwarranted fee increases for military health coverage. “I am truly honored by this recognition,” Congressman Jones said. “We as a nation, and those of us in Congress, should never forget that a promise made is a promise kept. The Military Retiree’s Heath Care Protection Act is about offering protection for the men and women who are willing to protect our nation from its enemies, and keeping promises to those who have promised to put themselves in harm’s way when called upon. The families of our armed forces deserve consistent health care benefits.” Mr. Joe Barnes, TMC Co-Chairman and National Executive Secretary of the Fleet Reserve Association, praised Reps. Edwards and Jones for their role in convincing Congress to find other ways to reduce Defense health costs other than dramatic increases in beneficiary fees. “They’ve set a great example in working closely together to highlight this as a bipartisan issue that’s important for the country,” said Barnes. “With recruiting, retention and readiness already at risk in this time of war, their efforts have helped Congress maintain perspective on the reality that military families already pay large, up-front premiums in service and sacrifice for their health coverage – premiums far larger than any civilian will ever pay. Congress is now rightly examining options to contain military health costs without shifting so much of them to beneficiaries.” TMC is a consortium of 36 military and veterans groups and represents the interests of more than six million members around the world, including active duty, National Guard, Reserve, and retired members and veterans of the seven uniformed services, plus their families and survivors. For additional information or to schedule an interview with Congressman Walter B. Jones please contact Kathleen Joyce at (202) 225-3415.