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May 26, 2021

Less than five months into office, Jones has sponsored or co-sponsored 287 pieces of legislation, significantly more than any other freshman member

WASHINGTON, DCCongressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) is the most legislatively active freshman member of Congress so far, according to an analysis published by Axios this week. In his first 140 days in office, Jones has sponsored or co-sponsored more than 287 pieces of legislation, more than 60 more pieces than the second-most active freshman member.

“I came to Congress intent on meeting the numerous crises we face with the urgency that this period in our history demands, and in my first months in office that’s exactly what I’ve done,” said Congressman Jones. “My team and I have wasted no time getting to work for the people of Westchester and Rockland, and I’m thrilled to see that hard work reflected in the data. From crushing the COVID-19 crisis and jumpstarting our economic recovery to fighting to save our democracy and obtain racial justice in policing, we’ve made great progress, but our work has only just begun. I’ll continue advancing equity and justice for every person in our district and beyond.”

Jones has introduced several bills as the lead sponsor or an original co-sponsor, including:

  • The SALT Deductibility Act, legislation to fully restore the State and Local Tax Deduction, which was capped at $10,000 as part of the 2017 Republican tax plan;
  • The Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act,legislation to ensure high-quality child care by making it free or affordable for all families and by establishing a network of federally supported, locally administered childcare options;
  • The Judiciary Act of 2021, legislation to restore balance and independence to the Supreme Court by expanding the number of Justices from nine to 13;
  • The Juror Non-Discrimination Act, which would outlaw discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in the jury selection process. This bill was included in the Equality Act, which the House passed in March;
  • The Full-Service Community School Expansion Act, legislation to invest $3.65 billion in full-service community schools, which provide integrated wraparound support services to serve students, families, and communities;
  • The Apprenticeships Access for All Act, which would help ensure people who have historically faced barriers to employment have an equal opportunity to participate in the national apprenticeship system. This bill was included in the National Apprenticeship Act, which the House passed in February; and 
  • The Strength in Diversity Act, legislation to help fulfill the promise of equity in education by offering support and funding to districts that are developing, implementing, or expanding school diversity initiatives.

About Mondaire: Mondaire Jones is the 34-year-old Congressman from New York’s 17th District, serving Westchester and Rockland Counties. He serves on the House Judiciary, Education and Labor, and Ethics Committees and is the first openly gay, Black member of Congress. A product of East Ramapo public schools, Mondaire was raised in Section 8 housing and on food stamps in the Village of Spring Valley by a single mother who worked multiple jobs to provide for their family. He later graduated from Stanford University, worked at the Department of Justice during the Obama Administration, and graduated from Harvard Law School. He is a co-founder of the nonprofit Rising Leaders, Inc. and has previously served on the NAACP’s National Board of Directors and on the board of the New York Civil Liberties Union. Most recently, Mondaire worked as a litigator in the Westchester County Law Department. In November, Mondaire was unanimously elected by his colleagues to be the Freshman Representative to Leadership, making him the youngest member of the Democratic House leadership team. In December, Jones was appointed a Deputy Whip of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and became a Co-Chair of the LGBTQ Equality Caucus. Mondaire was born and raised in Rockland and resides in Westchester.